Cookies and their purpose of use

We use cookies on the Scienteens Lab platform. Cookies are bits of information that are created and maintained by your web browser when you visit a website. Cookies are categorized as strictly necessary on one hand and functional or analytical and advertising on the other hand. Strictly necessary cookies are placed by the website you visit and will not track your activity once you leave that website. Functional or analytical and advertising cookies are often set by another site not the one you’re visiting, e.g., advertisements, social media widgets, and they may continue to track your activity across sites.

No personal information is stored in strictly necessary cookies. A unique visitor ID is created and stored in functional or analytical and advertising cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies 

The Scienteens Lab platform uses technically necessary cookies listed below: 

  • Cookie preference
    When you visit our site(s) for the first time you will be notified of our cookie policy. You will have the option to proceed only with strictly necessary cookies (i.e., optimisation, security and authentication) or (additionally) allow Functional or analytical and advertising cookies. We will keep your preference in a cookie named “_mwd_cookies”. Your cookie preferences will be displayed at the bottom of pages, and you will have the option to change your cookie settings at any time. 
  • Language cookie
    The language cookie stores the language which the user has chosen.
  • Session cookie
    The session cookie is a server-specific cookie and last for a session.
    A session starts when you visit the website and ends when you leave the website or close your browser.
    Session cookies stores information such as the user’s input for treating a request.

Cookie preference, language and session cookies are strictly necessary and there is no personal information stored in them. 

Analytical Cookies (Optional) 

If you allow the use of website analytics cookies, our website will place the following analytics cookies: “_pk_id” ,”_pk_ses”, “_pk_cvar”, “_pk_hsr” and “_pk_ref”. 

  • “_pk_id*” contains your unique visitor ID. 
  • “_pk_ref” contains the referring page information, if applicable. 
  • “_pk_ses*”, “_pk_cvar” and “_pk_hsr” are short-lived cookies used to temporarily store data for a specific visit by you to our website. 
  • “MATOMO_SESSID” when you used the for opt-out feature.

The analytical cookies are strictly necessary cookies with the exception of the “MATOMO_SESSID” cookie. “MATOMO_SESSID” is a functional cookie from .

Storage location and duration

Normally cookies are stored on your computer until the end of their expiry period summarized below. You may also choose to clear your browser cookies manually. 

Cookie category 

Cookie name 

Expiry period 

Cookie preference 


30 days

Language cookie


1 year

Session cookie


End of browsing session 

Analytics (optional) 


1 year 

Analytics (optional) 


6 months 

Analytics (optional) 

_pk_ses*, _pk_cvar, _pk_hsr 

30 minutes

Analytics (optional) 


Temporarily created when user opts out of analytics 

Legal basis

Use of cookies is in our legitimate interest (GDPR Article 6(1)(f)) as it is necessary for us to deliver our sites to you in a stable and secure manner. 

We collect & use analytics cookies with your consent (GDPR Article 6(1)(a)). You can withdraw your consent. If you would like to withdraw consent, please instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies by visiting the help pages of your web browser.


Essential cookies i.e., the cookie preferences, language and session cookie listed above are required for our websites to function. These cookies are stored on your computer, and information in them is transferred to servers in Germany, when cookie information is used by our site servers.

Optional (analytics) cookies are placed only when you consent to their use. These cookies are stored on your computer, and information in them is transferred to servers in Germany, when cookie information is used by our site analytics servers.